Welcome to Cherish Cymru Ltd

'Cherish Cymru is a care agency to provide care in the community for a wide range of disabilities. We care for people with dementia, learning disabilities, strokes, cancer, Alzheimers Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis and many other conditions, or just getting older. We also provide care for respite enabling familys to have a rest. This could either be for an hour or two or for longer periods enabling families to go out for the evening, shopping or on holiday knowing their loved ones are being well looked after and giving them peace of mind. Choosing how to handle the care of a loved one in their later years is a difficult decision, either to stay at home or a Nursing Home. Most people prefer to stay at home living in their own surroundings with their personal possessions around them. By remaining in their own home it gives them the independence they still require, a choice in how their care is provided and to a certain degree their independence. Having a team of carers visit everyday provides companionship, support, well balanced diets and peace of mind to the family.'